Read reviews of Europe’s top destinations. Discover the best all inclusive family holidays, the most popular city breaks, ski holidays and the best places to go in the winter months to unwind and soak up some rays. Euro Diary is a travel blog where you will find reviews and suggestions on many European cities including their attractions, culture and climate. However we are much more than another travel guide, we provide helpful and insightful information on all things related to travelling including the best pre paid credits to use for travel.


Our reviews include topics such as Cheap Holidays, City Breaks and the best All Inclusive Holidays and hotels. Below is our holiday checklist.

Irish Passport Passport Validity

It is astounding how many travellers each year turn up to the airport only to be denied travel due to their passport being completely out of date or out of date before their return trip. Check your passport before you book especially if its last minute holidays your embarking on as it takes time for a new passport to arrive. Find out all the information you need on the official website.


EHIC CardEHIC – European Health Insurance Card

Check the expiration date on your EHIC is valid for your journey.  It can be used across the whole of Europe and entitles EU citizens who attend facilities run by the state discounted or free medical treatment. There a lot of websites claiming they can get you an EHIC car but please only go through the official HSE website. You can order yours by clicking here.


Travel accessoriesTravel Accessories

Cheap Holidays! The price of accessories you bring on holiday can quickly add up but don’t make them even more expensive by buying them at the airport. Plan ahead by making a checklist of all the essentials. What you would pay €5 for in the airport could probably be picked up €1 at Pound land or similar shops.


Foreign ExchangeForeign Exchange

If you are travelling to a country that uses a different currency get your money changed before you go at your bank, post office or one of the many online currency services. Do not make the mistake of using the airport foreign exchange desk as it will usually cost you a lot more than anywhere else.



Mobile Phone abroadMobile Phone Abroad

If you don’t want to rack up €100’s on your bill while away be sure to switch off data roaming and 3G. Foreign charges have been one of the most lucrative services for mobile phone companies for a decade; do not become their next victim. Many mobile providers now offer bolt on services for travelling abroad. Contact your operator to see if you can get a good deal.


Wear your extra luggageWear Your Extra Luggage

Budget airlines charge extra for every imaginable item with the majority of charges going on luggage. As the cheaper airlines tend to have a lower luggage allowance it makes sense to reduce the weight as much as possible.  Combat the charges having the heaviest of your clothing and shoes already on with some additional packed into your pockets.  The Rufus Roo was specifically designed for travelling with this idea in mind and has become very popular among the regulars of budget flights.


Car HireCar Hire

Book car hire well in advance as he best discounts are usually picked up by the early bookers.  Be sure to check all the add-ons that are offered and that are sometimes automatically appear in the online basket to make sure they meet your requirements. Extra drivers and sat nav are the most common additions.  Car hire excess can also be costly which can lead to minor scratches or incidents becoming very expensive. Read the excess options and choose a level that is affordable if something goes wrong. Check out our guide on car hire in France.


Travel InsuranceTravel insurance

The right travel insurance can ease a lot of worries when going on holiday. A lot of travellers go without insurance assuming an EHIC will cover their needs. This is most definitely not the case. Travel insurance is for much more than medical cover while abroad. It will cover lost or stolen items, illness prior to travelling and even provide insurance against cancelled flights or the complete holiday. It is absolutely imperative to ensure to read all the terms and conditions of the policy know what is and what’s not covered.

Airport ParkingAirport Parking

You will notice the recurring theme with all these money saving travelling tips is to book in advance. The same applies to airport parking; online discounts are available to early bird bookings with savings of up to 30%.



Return LuggageReturn luggage

Purchasing gifts on holiday can add to the weight of your return luggage. Allow for this before leaving to avoid expensive charges if your suitcase is above the threshold. Luggage charges make airlines a lot of money each year. You have already forked out enough, do not fall into this expensive trap.



Driving in EuropeDriving in Europe

Apart from checking what side of the road to drive on having a good travel aid in the form of a map or sat nav it is worth checking local driving regulations and rules prior to arriving as they differ to what you are used to. All car insurance policies are different so investigate if yours covers to you drive on your European holiday. Find out what the AA have to say about driving in Europe.


Theme Park ticketsExcursions / Theme Park Tickets

On a previous trip to Salou, Spain I visited the PortAventura Theme Park which was a fantastic experience with great rides and shows. I bought my tickets for the park at the hotel which after checking were 40% more expensive than if I had booked them online. Learn from my costly mistake and book your ticket online before you leave. Read our review of the best theme parks.